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  drawers abacus brush and photos power failure melissa  
  dreamcatcher and beads faucet cookbook old teddy bear trunk latch  
  haybale lizzie old doll rusty tricycle lounge room succulents  
  juggling pin chair and shadow spoons melissa casting bench lizzie  
  sea treasures queen bootsie red scale wire flask malet  
      may 2012      
  shadows bedroom and guitar gazelles bottles and shells barnacles  
  boots and chair pillow decaying wood decaying kiss assemblege  
  shadows fairy doll varnish can wire shadows tiny tin  
  three brushes clever cat bootsie baskets symbol on the street  
  cupboard cupboard box of fabric dried plants nest and frames  
  chicken and e cat and bird sam's bed gum nuts night out back



      april 2012      
  our shadows feathers green bottles dried red flowers nest and 2 rocks  
  rake and shadows peeling porcelain float our shadows workroom  
  tok sticks old blue truck dried flower and shadow ladder macro evening shadows  
  chair and lamp sky flower chair shadow broken window feathers and light  
  filter bag and twigs paint brushes stool shadow shed at sunset flower shadow  
      march 2012      
  guitar and chair two cages fan and boxes more shadows rusty cross  
  sunset and flower scales stool shadow fabric on clothesline concrete bird  
  driftwood old brick rusty lantern rusty rake rusty tools  
  shadows swing rusty tools our shadows dream  
  rusty teapot stool devotion vases candle and shadows  
  big e brushes and inches green bottle rusty bin tray  
  brushes quilt dining room drawers fabric  
  baking tins kitchen scene starfish tools wooden mallets



      february 2012      
  table legs jewelry fig peg parts ring sizers  
  more feathers butterfly sea creatures shells stained glass  
  dried flowers empty bottles old wicker rusty bits bottle in window  
  leaves brush harmonica two baskets blue bottles  
  lizzie eggs wooden stool top bowl lamp  
  berry smoothie books and ink soap and ear rings spice rack plate  
  for needs shells rusty tin hanging shell wire and lace  
  monkey cards bicycle bag bird cage bird cages  
      january 2012      
  rock thing quilt quilt quilt bag  
  beads more wooden tools wooden tools tool display lantern  
  leg and head three rocks photo clips driftwood green feather  
  porcelin flowers shells and coral nest candle feathers  
  barnacle driftwood rocks and scales eucalyptus feathers and eggs gum nuts  
  sea of cloth grapes and tools viet nam globe doll head  
  dried flowers old house dark window desk stuff scales  
  books and balls driftwood shakleton dining room rusty handle  
      december 2011      
  explosives bird cage coral feathers leather bits  
  pillows typewriter keys beater lantern wax and beads  
  feathers and bottles photographs filter bag paper and brushes green vase  
  scales garden tools wire bird bottle and book crayons  
  lounge window fairy wings oil lamp tricycle table legs  
  bag stencils rusty bits green house vine house  
  our workroom evening wall bedroom bottles memories  
  nest window stencils magnolia dressform  


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